August 24th, 2003



Gym. 64 of 124. Back and shoulders.

Instead of the usual noon, we had rescheduled my gym session for 7am. And then had to push it back another half hour to 6:30am. Ick. I don't like waking up at that early. But what was worse was waking up at 4am, and then not being able to go back to sleep. But I made it, and was mostly awake.

Pretty normal. Pullups, dips, seated rows, low back lifts, T shoulder lifts, and iso lat rows. Stronger than before.

After work.

After work, I went down to Burien. Hung out and played around with omahas and with Kouryou-chan and with Yamaarashi-chan and with elfs. Helped prep, eat, and clean up a yummy dinner. (It's a good thing I live a half hour from them, or I would be over all the time, and wear out my welcome.) Enjoyed an unusually long game of "Give Me The Brain", and then watched a could pf VCDs of a fansub of the new "Ghost In The Shell" teevee show.


I got up, got ready, went out, and was out of my building's parking lot, before I noticed that I was in my rattly old jeep instead of in my new forster.


Anyway, after that got cleared up...

Drove down to Kapowsin. It was a great, perfect day for jumping. But I didn't get to. The army guys were there doing make-up work, and my AFF instructor was committed. We tried a few times to slot me in, but no go. So I decided to return tomorrow morning, and get one (or more, maybe) in in the morning, before the First Jump students take to the air that afternoon.

Learned why the Army was having a private sport DZ train solders to skydive. The Army wants to make a LOT more paratroopers, and have maxed out their own instructors. So they are contracting out and hiring all the spare civilian AFF instruction time available in the US. The DZs know that this is not a long term income source, but they are more than willing to take the money and give the training now.

Found the Kirkland FredMeyer, and did some shopping for next week's camping trip, and then went in to CapHill to buy some supplies at Babeland. Met up with jezel and had dinner.

My nose is starting to run. If I'm sick in the morning, I'm going to be pissed.


Woke up this morning with a mild sore throat and with my sinus stuffed up. Crud. Took a nondrowsy pill, and then drove down to the DZ. It was a beautiful perfect day. Clear skys, and the AFF instructors were not busy, I could have jumped and rejumped as fast as the riggers could pack.

Except that my cold has grounded me. Jumping with a headcold causes blown eardrums, and blown sinus cavities, when then would ground me for a month.


On the plus side, he said my form on the belly board was great.

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I want cold orange juice, and warm chicken noodle soup, and warm compresses, and back rubs, and I want someone to bring them to my bed.

I'm shit out of luck.

I will have to settle for a sudafed.
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