August 18th, 2003


Gym. 62 of 124. Chest and Biceps.

Did lots of "light weight controlled motion" chest exercises, instead of the basic brutal bench press varients. Of course, the "light" is a misnomer, as I managed to burn out my pecs. They've got a long way to go.

A New Car! 2004 Subaru Forester X, 5-speed, White

The money showed up for the financing today, and my deadline for the dealer war I stirred up expired. The winner was, very conviently, the Subaru dealership that's just a few miles up the street.

So I called them, made the contact, and then showed up. Got handed around a few times, but not too much of a runaround. Got to drive my new car down I405S to Kirkland, then back up through Juanita Bay back to the dealership.

I pick it up from them on Thursday, they have to add the options I want (cab air filter and center column armrest).

Dealing with the "M&I" guy was a bit annoying. First, he wanted to sell me a "Protection Package" (which basically was a wax job and scotchguarding the seats), and then he really really REALLY wanted to sell me an additional extended warantee. It was amazing to watch the price fall from 1700, to 1500, to 1200, to 999, every time I said "No".

And they were nosy. They wanted a credit application, even tho I wasn't financing with them. Wrong. They wanted my SSN "for their records". Wrong. They wanted to know my employer and work address. Wrong.

But in the end, I held them to their quoted "Out The Door" price, signed the necessary papers, gave them a deposit check to hold.

Thursday, they are to call me, and I will go inspect it and accept it. Pictures will be forthcoming.