July 25th, 2003


More on the cat

Wednesday, Dr Nevin called me back with Birki's test results. Still some white blood cells in the urine, tho not so much as before. So the next day I went in to pick up from them another bottle of Baytrils. 7mg daily for 28 days. They're working, I think. Her fever has dropped off, and she's eating again.

But the little monster still insists that I sit by her and talk to her before she will eat.

I also was able to talk to a more aware vettech, and got away with their last box of Nipro needles. Nipros are much sharper and have much thinner walls than "average", which means they hurt a lot less, and deliver more fluid faster, getting it over soon.

Worked well too. She's getting accustomed and resigned to the procedure, and mostly sat quietly in my lap while I pricked her and hydrated her.

Gym. Session 53 of 124. Back and triceps.

This morning, waking up, I was glad to discover that my back hardly twinged at all. If I pull my arms up in a certain way and pull my shoulders around just so, I could get the muscle in question to protest, but it looks like the worst has past.

So, at the gym, instead of bypassing it entirely, we dug into back work with only a few modifications. No pullups at all, and went light and "super slow" and didn't as back as far with all the assorted rows.

And a new exercise. Dumbbell lateral raises. Grip two dumbells, one in each hand, with the elbow bent at a right angle so that my fists are pointed straight forward, arms at my sides. Now lift and rotate my arms, so that the elbows for the ends of a straight line going through my shoulders. That discovered whole new avenues of weakness in my shoulders and back.

Even so, was glad that I was able to work it.

I wanna go JUMP!

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As I gleefully announced yesterday, the unwelcome "back monkey" that I had been carrying at work has been dispatched. Mostly.

I had to turn in my "quarterly goals" sheet today. (Success in executing one's goals is directly translated into the size of one's quarterly bonus.) One of them, for 15%, was to support that monkey for QA as needed. The next, for 15%, is something I don't control, it's if the current big project passes beta. (Everyone has to have a least one corporate group goal, tho the lower we are on the pecking order, the less we have to weigh it.) I don't worry too much about not being about to control that, if it doesn't leave beta by the end of the quarter, the whole company will implode, and I'll have bigger problems then 15% of my bonus. And the final two goals, each for 35%, is to add UniveralPNP and add an XML RPC (maybe SOAP) to our product. (A HTML/web interface maybe as well.)

This means that a user will be able to control out PVR/cablebox from their laptop or wireless PDA device, and will be Much Coolness, with lots of advantageous Good Visibility for me, for me to implement.

Of course, that means that when I'm about half-way done with it, PaulA's hangers about will kill it, and I'll be retasked again with some other damn unwelcome monkey.

But maybe, this time, the horse will learn to sing.

Watering the cat

Birki again took her fluids without too many complaints. (I can't honestly say it's easy or complaint free, but it's about the best I can expect, considering.)

One thing that's annoying, is for some reason the venoset drip chamber has completely filled with LRS, so I can't watch the drip to make sure it's flowing, I just have to watch the bag slowly deflate. Anyone out there know how to reset a venoset? I don't have a replacement one yet, so I can't throw this one away, which is probably what a hospital would do.

Tacky TV, and memories of books

And episode of the old TV "The Incredible Hulk" was on the SciFi channel, which I noticed while tweaking the configuration of my ReplayTV, so I watched the last 10 minutes. It's sad. I recall the show being a LOT cooler and the special effects being a lot more WOW, back when I was watching it on primetime.

I am cause to be reminded of a couple of years ago, when I took some time to go back and reread some of the classic SF novels I enjoyed in my early teens. Someone has taken all my old favorite authors and old favorite novels, and replaced them with utter drek, with stupid plots, bad dialog, uninspiring motivation, and cardboard characters.

Sigh. Well, there's good stuff now, at least. A new Vinge short story next month, the new Stephensen trilogy starting later this year, and some new Wil McCarthy waiting on my shelves...