July 23rd, 2003



It was the ibuprofen.

And I can't even justly whine about it, because it was something I knowingly did to myself.

Gym. Session 52 of 124. Legs.

No squats today, because of the back. But we made up for it by putting another 10lb on the leg press machine. Heavy, but not the heaviest it's been. (This bears some explanation. This is the most WEIGHT I've pressed on this machine, but it's not the HEAVYest this machine has been. All part of getting stronger...)

The rest of the legs sequence was pretty standard, except that we had to delete the standing calves machine, because it pours it's load down the back and spine. But he showed me an interesting replacement. Stair calves. There is a flight of stairs at the gym (the group aerobics room is upstairs). Stair calves are done as follows: Stand on the edge of the first stairstep, and do one calves flex. Step up to number two, and do two flexes. Step up to number three, and do three. And so on. He was expecting me to maybe get to ten. Well, I was pouring sweat, and my legs were about to burst into flame, but I made it to 15. Ha!

Oh, and I was able to add another 10lb to the hip aductor machine, a.k.a. the "ass blaster".

Stronger and stronger.