June 26th, 2003


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Just about done packing and prepping (came online for a last email check before heading out). Off to Utah for a family birthday bash.

A Pretty, Great, State. Which I sometimes enjoy visiting, and am glad I don't live here

This morning, finished the last minute packing, then drove into Seattle to pick up Indi, who will be watching the cats over the weekend. From there, down to SeaTac, where I checked through and boarded without incident. Slept on the 2 hour flight to SLC, realizing as I was nodding off the thing I had forgotten. My neck pillow. Sigh. Anyway...

My mom met me at the airport, and we travelled back to the family compound, unpacked and puttered around a bit, then headed back down to the airport to pick up my dad, who was returning from Bolivia. En route, my cellphone rang. It was him, to coordinate a curbside pickup. My mom is finally starting to talk about getting a phone, I hope she does, it makes things like this so much easier.

Right now the Salt Lake Valley is having seasonably mild weather, which from my Seattle biased point of view means that it's just a little bit to thin, a bit too dry, and a bit too hot. It apparently finally rained a few days ago, after over 5 weeks without any precipitation. Out here in the middle of the desert, with water so precious, and yet in Seattle we have better water managment than Utah does.

Right now my parents have gone off to some community policy hearing meeting thing, and I'm enjoying jatg's cat, Beowulf, while watching the sun reflecting off the Great Salt Lake. My parent's house has a great view looking west over the Lake and the Oquirrh Mountains.

The Letter is B

Spoken: bravo

Morse: dah-dit-dit-dit

Braille: dot 1 2

Fingerspell: all fingers out, palm out, thumb in

Semaphore: left down, right across

Maritime Flag: solid red, swallowtail