June 23rd, 2003


Gym. Session 41 of 124. Chest, Biceps, Abs.

The chest is getting back to where I was before I hurt my shoulder. Started with dumbell press, and then did 70x12x3 on the hammer machine press, which is better than last time. I could probably have gone much heavier, but I'm now really touchy and careful. Dumbbell flys, barbell bicep curls, rope-grip bicep curls, and then (ug!) 15m doing abs. Starting with The Plank. I hate the plank. And I hate leg lifts even more. Did bang out a fair number of standard crunches tho, but now I predict an unpleasent time getting out of bed tomorrow morning.

Stronger and stronger, better and better, harder and harder.

The letter is A

Spoken: alfa

Morse: dit-dah

Braille: dot 1

Fingerspell: all fingers closed, thumb up

Semaphore: left down, right low

Maritime Flag: vertical white, vertical blue, swallowtail