June 18th, 2003


Gym. Session 39 of 124. Legs and Abs.

Lots of legs today, and I blasted my way through them, trying hard for the "rubber legs" aftermath I would get a few months ago. There was one machine, I forget it's name, that did a variant of a leg press while laying me on my back that I had never done before that was just plain evil. I had to walk around between each set to avoid "sticking" in that position. Had to abort the calves raise once, just barely almost started to cramp. Must remember to make some KCl tea on Wednesday mornings from now on, to avoid that.

After blowing so quickly through legs, that left 15 minutes to do abs. Incline crunches to start. The first set of 20 almost felt easy. By the third set, I couldn't even do 5, and my belly and flanks were plotting rank mutiny. Finished abs with "prone isolinear abs" aka "The Plank", which finished the wipe-me-out process.

I hobbled out of the gym, but was mostly fine within half an hour.

If my knee continues to hold up so well (it only got a little bit more warm than the other only during the heaviest loads, I suspect that the Free Squat will soon be back on my roster.