June 8th, 2003


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Back to the factory for you

I finally got ReplayTV to give me a RMA number, so I boxed up my misbehaving unit and shipped it back. (They were nice enough to include a prepaid FedEx airbill when they first sent it to me, just for this very purpose I suppose.) Hopefully the next refurb they send me will work better.

Sleep and Sun

Fell asleep early Friday night, so when I did my "I want to sleep till noon" routine on Saturday morning, I actually ended up getting out of bed at about ten.

Oh, what a lovely day. Bright, sunny, clear. It was almost, but not quite, too warm.

Did some chores, some paperwork, some cleaning, some music practice.

Boom boom

And then I went to Wades to practice a bit.

I've got a box of 10 9mm snakeshot (CCI 3706) rounds that I picked up on a clearance sale a while ago that I've never tried. They are pretty cool looking (the "bullet" is a transparent blue plastic bubble filled with #11 aluminum shot), so I brought the box with me to finally try it out. At 21 meters (the range's safety minimum) the target paper was smoothly covered with holes about half a mm in diameter, each about 3cm apart. It would sting like hell hitting bare skin, and make a mess that would be unpleasant to pick out, but no more than that. A heavy leather jacket would shrug it off. Not that I expected more, snakeshot is really meant to be used at about 2 meter range, to kill rattlesnakes. What was really disappointing was that, despite the impressive boom and flash, it wasn't powerful to cycle the action. I tried two rounds, and they both jammed. This stuff is really only for revolvers, I guess.

I also tried the G26 they have in the rental case. It's the "little sister" to my G19. Fires the same 9mm rounds, and has the same barrel, I think, but it's a great deal smaller. It works amazingly well for as small as it is, but I think I prefer my G19. I can see the CCW uses of such a small piece, however.

Friends, Ants, Necklaces, and Movies

After a few more errands, I stopped at omahas & elfs home, to find them doing battle with the ant colonies that try to invade their home every now and then. I guess the ants decided to take advantage of the warm weather as well.

I helped Kouryou-chan string beads onto a necklace. They were very small beads and a very narrow string (obtained at the bead shop on Cap Hill), but she enjoyed screwing up her concentration to muster the dexterity necessary to do it. All she needed was someone to help her focus and talk through selecting the beads and keeping track of the end.

That night, we started watching the MST3K movie Final Justice. But we all very quickly maxed out our tolerance of Joe Don Baker, so Omaha and I watched The Sting instead, which was much fun, as I had never seen this classic genre-creating "caper movie" before.