May 26th, 2003


Gym. Session 29 of 124. Knee-saving legs.

Today's session was at 9am instead of the usual 12noon, being that it was a holiday, and the trainer asked if he could bunch up his appointments into the morning. I was a bit bleary when I got there, it was very hard to get out of bed, and I got there right at the stroke of 9, so my warmup cut into the start of the session.

Today we did legs again, with the new joint saving regime he is designing for me. There are two methods of joint saving that he is applying to me. One, limit the range of motion. For legs, that means that my knee is to never bend more than a right angle, and is never to go "forward" over my toe or beyond. Two, go S L O W L Y. We cut the weight, and every push is to take at leasta couple of seconds, and the relax back is to take at least twice as long as the push. It's not as "hard", but by the end, I was nearly as tired. There was almost zero burn, probably between the creatine supps and the fact that superslow gives a lot more bloodflow doing the actual load.

Also, the free squats have been replaced by "ball squats", which consist of putting a 1 meter ball in the small of my back, pushing up against a wall, locking my form such that my back is perfectly perpendicular to the floor, and "rolling down" to a seated position and then back up again, while holding a pair of dumbbells at my sides.

My right knee didn't twinge once, tho it did get noticeably warm while doing the superslow leg presses.

If it remains pain free for a few more days, I get to start doing my cardio/fatburn on the EC machines again.

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Getting there

Today was the 4th and last day of Folklife. I got there around 2pm, parked, and memorized my parking space number (I'be been practicing the "memorizing numbers" trick detailed in The Memory Book).


I met up with jezel by the central fountain, grabbed some food (mmm, broiled local salmon on salad), and then started shopping. I bought some new onyx stone studs for my ear, and a lovely tie-dye head scarf for my friend JudyG. The other booths did not disappoint either, browsing at these sorts of events is always fun but a bit overwhelming.

An observation about clothes

There were several vendors selling handwoven clothing, some in synthetic, some in naturals. Fine handweaving is expensive, over a hundred dollars for a top woven from synthetics, to a couple of thousand and change for a silk dress. Probably, adjusted for inflation, the price of fine clothing that was dyed and woven by hand probably hasn't changed all that much in the past four millennia, which is why for most of history, most people had very few clothes. Before the development of textile machinery, dressing someone in fine clothes would cost as much as buying a decent used car does today.

Meeting friends

After a few hours, I gave omahas and elfs a call. After determining that they were about 25 meters from where I was standing, we met up, and then spent some time hanging out on the grass together. Kouryou-chan kept wanting to help me eat my Cow Chip cookie, to the point where we had to keep reminding her to eat her hot dog first.

Breaking up, going home

Omaha left to get to the weekly taping of her radio show, and a little while later Elf & Kouryou-chan left for home as well. Tobi and I wandered around a bit more, and then she had to leave to get to her evening cat visits. So I went home as well.

Samurai Jack

Did some chores, and enjoyed again a new Samurai Jack episode, Jack and the Haunted House, where Jack is consumed by and does battle with an Oni demon to save a frightened little girl and her lost family. It was one of the better episodes of an already great show.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Also, I noticed that Cartoon Network is showing The Powerpuff Girls Movie this evening, so I tagged it to record. I'm looking forward to watching again the "game of tag" where they innocently demolish Townsville. (I was one of the few adults to watch and enjoy it in the theater.)

The PVR is still stuttering and artifacting, which is scream-at-the-tv annoying. Tomorrow, I'm giving ReplayTV a call tomorrow. This is Not Acceptable.