May 14th, 2003


Life Day 12487

Work Geekery

I've been faced with an interesting problem at work. Say I have a Linux box with plenty of internal i/o speed, and I have to connect it to a fast enough switching and routing fabric, on the other side of which are a whole bunch of boxes connected via not very fast interfaces. (DOCSIS with service limit). How do I connect the Linux box to the fabric. The simple answer gigabit ethernet. However, the political answer is we will not be given a GigE connection, but we can have all the HME (which is ten times slower) interfaces we want.

So the task is to figure out how to convince Linux's iproute2 system to loadbalance and roundrobin multiple interfaces into the same network, each of which will be supporting a metric buttload of busy TCP streams, to utterly unpredictable address (not on the same network, they all will be at least one router away). It's not in the FAQ or the HOWTO, tho I think it should be. I see lots of manual reading and some lab time in my future, if I can convince the powers that be to release me to work on it.

And it's off to Memphis

I found a box for my ReplayTV at work. I checked with the lab guy, he said take it, so I did, and used to to box up my non-working PVR unit, and ship it back to Memphis TN for repair/replace/refurb. It was just 5 weeks out of warranty too.

I was hoping to actually ship it from work. One employee service we get is we can throw personal outbound mail into the basket, and just pay the receptionist the postage. I was hoping to do the same thing with our shipping service, since we have UPS, FedEx, etc trucks in every day. Turns out the perq only works for FedEx. I wasn't willing to pay for that, so I had to haul it to a UPS Store this afternoon instead.

A sweet cat

There is a nice little antique brickabrack store on Greenwood, just north of my instructor. So while waiting for my lesson slot, I went there, so visit their cat. She's an all-over spangled tortie named "Puget", who they found under a park bench when she was very very little. Today she's a happy and calm, but somewhat distant, store cat. But even distant cats like to be rubbed. Today she was out on the sidewalk soaking up sun, and pretty soon I had her walking up to me, and getting scritched.

Some music

The first part of the weekly piano lesson was some practice work, "how to practice better" stuff. Then dynamics work, using Burgmüller's "The Clear Stream". Once again, about 45m into the lesson, it's like I ran out of gas, and suddenly my notereading and finger control just fell apart. Sigh. Good lesson tho.

Some discussion

Then I spent some time with jezel, about some concerns I have. In a couple of weekends I'm going to help her do some chores/tasks she has a phobia/avoidance about, and help her break that avoidance.

And then some sweat

And then stopped at the gym on the way home, and did 60m on the EC while listening to DJ Doo, and then 20m in the UV grill, while listening to Chapter 2 of The Wellstone. It's "machine read", but you learn to ignore the artificial voice after a little while.

Gym. Session 26 of 124. Legs.

I've mentioned before how much I late lunges. It's still true.

I mentioned to the trainer the strain I was feeling in my knees while doing them, so he and I worked on correcting my form. The good part is, when I do them right now, my knees dont hurt. The bad part is, doing them right moves the work from my relatively strong quads, to the backs of my thighs and up into my ass. And then The free squats and leg presses we pushed hard in weight. I predict much soreness the day after tomorrow.

Oh, and I forgot to take my creatine again. I was forcably reminded the instant my muscles caught fire. Must Not Forget.

And I locked my keys in my Jeep. I have a spare key, which I normally carry in an inner pocket, but I had taken it out prior to my last airtravel experience, and hadn't gotten around to putting it back. One AAA surcharge (I've gone over the annual limit for field calls), I was back on the road.

Gilbreth Morse Mnemonics

In the nonfiction book Cheaper By The Dozen, pioneering industrial engineer Frank Gilbreth teachs his 12 young children Morse Code by making a set of mnemonics words and phrases that have the stress cadence of the morse character, that begin with the letter.

Gilbreth Morse Mnemonics
A.-dit daha-BOUT
B-...dah dit dit ditBOIS-ter-ous-ly
C-.-.dah dit dah ditCARE-les CHILD-ren

However, the book only gives the first four. And Google isn't finding the rest either.

Does anyone know the rest of the Gilbreth Morse Code Mnemonics?