May 8th, 2003


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This afternoon after work, I went to Seattle to share dinner with Shada and Lion. Dinner was chicken vindalloo, and then Lion spent 6 hours just talking about whatever. I took some notes, but I'm thinking I should record the coversations we share, as we talk about so many weird things. He is one of the most self-aware self-mind hackers I have ever met.

Driving home...

I'm sitting here on the 520 bridge. There is a cop car and a couple of other ste vehicles with flashing lights under the traffic lights on the west side of the boat way, blocking the roadway. Traffic is backed up behind me all the way to UW. And it's been this way for half an hour now.

The car just behind me was just hit by the car behind her. What kind of moron hits a parked car after sitting behind it for half an hour? Ah, the moron appears to be a little ol' lady.

Finally, they opened the road again. Home again, home again. Bed and purring cats.

ReplayTV dead. Mine, that is.

My ReplayTV 4160 unit seems to have died sometime shortly before I went to Burbank, and just now I have had the time to be in front of it during "office hours" to give tech support a call.

It's dead. Utterly dead. Won't power on dead. And the 1yr warranty expired 5 weeks ago.

So I'm sitting on the phone waiting for a RMA approval, and will get hit with an out-of-warranty charge. Sigh.

I will not watch my shows without a PVR. Once you've have a TiVo or Replay or other PVR, you will understand.

Utter Waste

Today has been an utter waste, work focus wise.

Got home late last night, didn't sleep for a while, foolish of me. And then got in an online conversation that made me very very depressed. I hate that, when Iget these sharp depressions, mainly what happens is I just don't get out of bed the next morning.

The Jeep is at the mechanic's up the street. Regular maintenance, new battery, possibly new seatbelt harness. GM doesn't sell as a part just the half with the button, but instead the whole harness. I wonder if I could get one from a junkyard.
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