May 7th, 2003


And the morning and the evening were another day.

Today at work was enjoyable because it was almost entirely taken up by a sales/technical presentation from Nortel. Of course, I will have to work twice as fast tomorrow to finish up the utterly useless document that my ad-hoc boss wanted to give to his boss, yesterday...

Today being a Tuesday, I went into Seattle at 3pm, to beat traffic. A bit of bouncing around, ending with taking jezel to where she left her car, then I started tooling around towards my piano lesson. Who did I happen to see walking towards a bus stop but elfs. So I gave him a ride downtown.

Piano lesson today consisted mainly of sightreading duets. I was doing really well the first half, and then I just fell apart. "Mister Henry, can I stop now? My brain is empty.", is how I felt.

Back to Kirkland, and stopped at the gym, and did my first full 60 minute session on an EC. I had to stop for a short while at the halfway point and refill my water bottle. Note to self, buy two more litre bottles, I easily can and probably should drink 3 litres of water in one of those one hour sessions. Then twenty minutes on the UV grill, and I was done.

At home, entered a bunch of receipts. I really need to soon get my financial spreadsheets operating again, and tweak the Perl scripts I've written to massage my CBB format records, and reconcile my statements.

Gym. 23 of 124

Today was core. Core means abs and lower back.

Inclined board situps, raised side crunches, ball rolls. Ug.

What's worse, is I'm thinking about doubling up core, doing it twice in each cycle, to pull in my gut and sides.