May 4th, 2003


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So I checked out Amazon today, and they recommended a book that had what at first sounded like a really really cool title, which on closer examination of the book, wasn't nearly so cool. It was titled Controlling People.

This is something to file next to How To Make People Like You, which sounds like it should be about cloning, but isn't.

Self Improvement Addiction.

Anyone who follows my LJ knows that I submit myself to a personal trainer 3 times a week, and have a weekly piano lesson.

It's starting to spread. I've actively thinking about taking up Tai Chi again when the training sessions have run out, and I'm researching taking the Washington Motorcycle Safety class, and the other day I was browsing thru a friend's copy of Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain, and found a bit where the author talks about her intensive 5 day all day class that will teach anyone how to draw, and thought "Me want that...".

There are worse habits than self improvement. It's not a terribly cheap habit, though.

This is part of what makes me so angry about public education. Somehow they've taken something that should be attacting kids to the point where you have to beat them back with sticks, and have turned "education" into an ugly thing, a "hiss and a watchword".

Long Hair

Growing up in a somewhat conservative family in a very conservative culture, I've always had short hair. Not as short as my Dad's hair was he was a boy (when he turned 19 and left for his LDS mission to Australia, he actually had to grow his out to get it into "mission spec", i.e., long enough to part), but still usually shorter than "society norm". Especially in the 70s, when somewhat longer male hair went mainstream.

My 2 sisters grew up with long hair, for about the same reason the hair on their brothers was kept short (cultural conservatism). I remember when my youngest sister got hers cut shorter, and to this day she wears hers somewhat shorter, a bob cut, while my other sister still wears hers a little longer. (My younger brother today keeps his head tightly buzzed but not shaved, and my youngest brother wears his pretty to mission standard.)

A few years ago I started going shorter, having it buzzed almost transparent on the back and sides, and just barely part-able on top. But now I'm trying something different. My last "haircut" was in December, just before the holidays. The funny thing is, most people when they notice the change, they don't ask if I'm growing it, they ask if I've cut it! Heh.

I had it trimmed last week at the Patrick Bear Salon, selected on the advice of a friend (who also wears his hair long), not trimmed to shorten it, but trimmed to clean it up. It looks a lot better.

I've started looking more closely at the hair of other long haired men, to see how they groom it. However, I don't want a mullet. A mullet looks decent on some of my friends, but I don't want it on mine.

It's almost but not quite yet long enough to tie back. But it will be in a few more months.

The experiment is, how long will it get? The limiting factors will be either it's natural length, or when I wake up some morning and decide that it's got to go.