April 28th, 2003


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I'm back from ConFurEnce 15.

It was not the best con I've attended. elfs pretty well summarized most of what was wrong with the facilities and the energy of the con.

There were precious few panels that I felt the desire to attend as well. omahas reportedly enjoyed hers, but nothing on the schedule called to me. I did wander into a hyponotherapy semenar, and won a door prize entiteling me to a free telephone therapy session. Heh.

omahas had been nervous about the cabaret, her energy and routine, the lack of rehersal time, the state of her makeup (the hotel forbad the application of airbrush makeup on site, so the performers all had to take a caravan to someone's home to get it applied), and the orange color didn't look that great under natural light.

It looked great on stage. Everyone loved the show, all the other performers did a great and entertainig job, and she looked to me to be having a great time, thru at least two encores of her signature piece. I hung out a bit and wandered around after the show, then walked with her to our room, and fell asleep to the sound of her getting the paint scrubbed off.

The next day we packed up, checked out, wandered around the dealer's den, went out on a lunch party, and then flew home. My ride met us at SeaTac, and with jus a bit of logistical coordination, hugs were exchanged, and everyone ended up home safe.

I don't want to go...

I have another trainer session in 34 minutes. I have to leave soon to get to the gym, get dressed, and get warmed up in time.

whine I don't want to go whine

This is one of those moments where the fiscal motivation ("You're be out forty five bucks if you don't.") is what's moving my lazy ass.