April 22nd, 2003


My throat is on fire

I was fighting a cold yesterday. I probably caught it either from the con, or from my ex.

This morning, in that fight, it has gained the upper hand. My throat feels like it's been reamed out by a steel wire scrubber, and my head is stuffed. This is Not Fun.

I've already called in sick twice in the last week. Should I do it again? Do I have any choice?

What's worse is that I woke up from a Nice Dream. Well, not that nice, it was reaching the point where the people around me were just starting to have a Nice Time, but none for me. Prophetic, or just observational?
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A lot of gall. Pretty furniture.

I'm sitting here leafing thru the latest Thos. Moser catalog. Inset in the catalog is a letter/blurb from the founder raving about his recent trip to New Zealand, and how much he enjoyed visiting a nation full of people "unimpressed with displays of ostentatious wealth", with a strong unspoken negative comparison to his native United States.

That takes a hell of a lot of gall, coming from someone who's joyfully chosen livelihood consists of selling things like a four thousand dollar handmade cherry-wood dining room table. (Matching chairs are over a thousand dollars. Each.)

The Essential Difference (http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/news/page/0,12983,937443,00.html)

EQ: 15
SQ: 41
Type: Extreme S

This is not a surprise.

It is, however, fairly easy to see more subtle things that this crude test misses when it reduces the questions to two numbers, and even the questions themselves don't lend themselves all that well to a simple 4 point linear scale.

I don't "not empathize". There are differences between consciously picking up on someone's feelings, actually being affected by someone's feelings, and understanding someone's feelings. Similarly, there are holes, gaps, and strengths in "systematizing". All this sort of stuff would start showing up by doing fine grained statistical analysis of the individual answers of larger sets of these sorts of questions,

but that would be too complicated for the "executive summary" types who barely can handle having two numbers and a simple grid chart on a presentation slide.

I begin to think that the people who intuitively feel that they "get" touchy-feely stuff, are the least qualified to research the basis and nature of the touchy-feely elements of human psychology.

The observation that it took someone with Asperger's to feel the need to invent and deploy human elements to the industry of turning cows into meat is illustrative.