April 3rd, 2003


Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Just a quick rundown on the rest of my Boston trip.


JudyG went to Meeting in the morning. She's a Quaker. I may go to a Meeting sometime with her, but attending a "open format" gathering of a bunch of doctrinal pacifists the day after a big anti-war protest would not be the wisest thing for me. I could probably keep my mouth shut, but I would not be successful at refraining from rolling my eyes.

The memorable event of the day was having missdimple come pick me up, and we went out to eat and then back to her place to play some cardgames. Over dinner, we swapped family history stories.


JudyG and I hopped on the MBTA to meet M and her daughter S at the downtown co-op. S is two years old, blond and blue-eyed, very energetic, and apparently still remembers me from when she met me almost 3 months ago. J was the "birth sister" (a role formerly known as a "Doula") for S's birth, and that experience was what caused J to decide to go into childbirth as a career. Anyway, after a short adventure looking for parking, we spent several hours at the Boston Aquarium. Pictures will be forthcoming in a few days.


We spent the morning saying goodbye, and then JudyG had leave for one of her jobs. I hiked the couple of blocks to downtown Jamaica Plain to zzbottom and missdimple's home. Paulo and I hung out and chatted. When it was time for me to go, he gave me a ride to the Green Street MBTA station. A hug goodbye, and I started the journey home.

The flight back was as ass-achingly long as usual, especially the EWB/SEA leg. I purchased one of those horseshoe shaped travel pillows, as an experiment. It wasn't a very successful, as I still got a sore neck trying to sleep. It just wasn't "thick" enough to keep my head upright. Maybe I just have a long neck to go with my big head. I did like that fact that the display monitors, when there was no other video playing, showed a constantly updated map showing where we were, along with assorted statistics of interest (airspeed, groundspeed, windspeed, altitude, rate of decent, GMT, time to arrival, etc). It really helped deal with the little part of the brain that is constantly saying "are we there yet?" / "where are we?".

I cannot even imagine taking one of those 12 or 15 hour intercontinental or transoceanic flights. I think I would have to fly "sleeper class" to avoid going absolutely insane. At least until the airlines will make available megabit speed internet access on the wing at a reasonable price.

I arrived at SEA at about quarter to nine, about an hour late, and met N, the person I had entrusted my cats and my ride to. Once again, I got lucky with the baggage carousel, my suitcase was the 3rd thing up the conveyor. Maybe the handlers are feeling guilty for breaking my bag.

I took I home, and then called jezel. I met her at her apt building, and we went out to dinner at the Broadway Grill. I was starved. Took her back to her home, drove to my home, spent an hour comforting my cats, and then fell asleep in my own heated tightly-dressed bed.

And then the next day

Damn. I was most of the way thru assembling this post, and then accidentally deleted it.

I was at work bright and early Wednesday morning, as I seem to have shifted east a bit, despite my efforts not to.

At noon was my next trainer supported workout session. Triceps and Back. I am stronger. Noticeably so. I was able to complete most of the sets, at higher weight. Which means more weight next time.

At six was my makeup piano lesson. The main focus was again sightreading. Mr Henry and I have decided to keep the focus there until I make the breakthrough and actually achieve "literacy" wrt note reading. I want to be able to read notes and music with the same ease that I can read text.

At nine was kespernorth's birthday gathering at the Merc.