March 24th, 2003


The Journey So Far...

Today with the trainer was my first repeat though the cycle, back to biceps and chest again. I was stronger this time. Not amazingly so, but noticeably. The dumbell press is going to be at the next higher weight next time, and I was able to squeeze out more reps before failure on the others. (Training to failure is a workable tactic when you have a trainer/spotter monitoring your form, helping you through the failed lifts, and recording your results where you can't immediately see them. If it wasn't for that, it would be both somewhat dangerous and rather discouraging.)

I've solicited some advice (some of it here) and done some reading, and have started adding two supplements to my diet. Creatinine and Pyruvate. I don't know if it was them, or just purely an adjustment to regular exercise, or what, but something was different. My arms and chest and back didn't "catch fire" this time, at least till the end, at which point it wasn't nearly as bad, and I wasn't nearly so sore immediately after. We'll see what tomorrow morning is like.

I'm losing about a pound a day (I was 234.5 last week, and this afternoon I was 227.5). That's ok this early in, but it's on the edge of being too fast. And it's not dehydration either, I drink about 3 liters of water per seated "office shift", and over 1.5 liters each gym session.