March 17th, 2003


"Only boys have earrings!"

This is a cute little story I just have to share, about an exchange between me and Kouryou-chan, the 2yo daughter of omahas and elfs, that happened this weekend. Elf tells it here.

Her: "You're a boy, because you have scruff and an earring."

Me: "Don't girls have earrings?"

Her: "No. Only boys."

All of the men she knows well regularly wear an earring. None of the women she knows well do.
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Gym. Beginning of second week, fourth session with the trainer. I had just only got full motion range back in my arms this morning. Today was legs.

First was lunges, with started out easy, and then got surprisingly hard surprisingly fast. Then came the Smith machine squats.

After one set on that, I started feeling nauseous. As the minutes elapsed, I felt worse and worse, until I was lying on the rubber floor, wishing I hadn't eaten lunch. My trainer checked me out, then gave me a whiff from an ammonia inhalant ampule. It crossed my eyes, but at the same time it dismissed the nausea and lightheadedness as if someone just flicked a switch. It was amazing. Apparently this nausea reaction isn't unusual in beginners when doing legs the first time.

So we waited a few more minutes, and then I decided to go on instead of quit, so we finished up on the hip adductor machine.

I'm going to be wobbly for the rest of the day, and walking stiffly for a few days.


Be careful when melting candle remains together in the microwave. It's easy to superheat it. And when it starts boiling, the mug it's in tends to explode.

I'm not injured. Just have an interesting mess to clean up...

A lovely phone call

(Wow, five posts in one day.)

I just got off the phone with JudyG. Since she's 3 hours east, when we do get the chance to chat, she's usually just about to fall asleep. But we had a great talk, catching up with things, and making some plans for my visit in 2 weeks.

Two weeks.

I can hardly wait.