February 17th, 2003


How to eat bugs

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The Haunted's annual Weird Food Party was last night. In past years, I brought Litter Box Cake and Instant Ice Cream. This year I elected to buy rather than bake, and so went to get a couple of boxes of chocolate ants. But they were out of stock, but they did have spiced roasted beetle grubs. Surprisingly yummy.

There was lots of good weird food there, but I think I won.

There were friends there, and friendly acquaintances, and some cool people I had not met before.

Stuff and oversleep

I slept in today Sunday, just like I did yesterday. Today I did it because I burned a lot of energy being social, and then succumbed to net-addiction after I got home. Not good. The net addiction bit. I like being social, but it takes energy, and I have to recharge quietly by myself for a while afterwards.

And I was somewhat social yesterday, between running into my therapist and his SO at the UW Bookstore, going to the monthly BiSocial at the Vivace Café, and then going to the Haunted's Weird Food party.

Plus being so unthinking as to run down my Jeep's battery by leaving on the lights at the bookstore, and having to call AAA to come jump me, after having had to get a jump from them that morning for leaving my lights on at work the previous day.

And I was kinda thinking of going to the Merc that Friday night, and my own stupidity vetoed that, so I just ended up walking home instead. And then walked back Saturday morning. I called AAA about halfway back, and told them I would be at my car. When I got there, the tech was waiting for me, and was in fact getting ready to leave.


Anyway, back to today. Not really a lot. I slept in, and then cleaned some. I keep my place pretty neat, but there is a difference between neat and clean. Especially with 3 cats. But pushing laundry, and adding bleach to the loads of towels, of rugs, and of whites, that helped. And then scrub mopping the floors around the litterboxes, and then swabbing the areas down with Nature's Miracle, that helped too.

I think I'll have a maid service come in and scrub the place down. For some reason, the current batch of candles seems to have really sooted up the walls.

Neurotypical Personality Disorder

My ex called me up to make sure I watched Law&Order:Criminal Intent today, titled "Probability". This episode was about a man who is an Aspy, someone with Asperger's Syndrome. Many of my family are Aspy-ish, to a lesser or greater extent. Including me.

The portrayal was good, but stereotypical. By stereotypical, I mean the writers and the actor looked up the clinical criteria list for a diagnosis, and turned them all up to 11.

But as extreme as this character was, I could feel echos of him in myself. Right down to the piano playing, the desire for keeping comfortable things the same, and the divorce. He was even cynical about one of the same things I'm cynical about:

"Women like money."
"Men like money too."
"That's because they know that women like men who have money."

At least my ex didn't immediately marry a much richer man, like his did.

But Goren's partner's reactions to and belittling of this man really grating on my nerves. He was smart, more capable in his field as she is in hers, decently attractive, but because he kept messing up her comfortable field of social cuing, she could do nothing but belittle him. In other words, she was expressing the condition that AS's refer to, only partially tongue-in-cheek as "Neurotypical Personality Disorder", or "NT".

The world would be a better and happier and less unpleasant and dangerous place if the relative proportions of NTs and AS's were flipped.