January 24th, 2003


Crappy Product, Egoman Musicdisk MD100

I just bought a cheap MP3 player, an "Egoman Musicdisk MD100".

It's basically a 128MB USB pendrive that has a MP3 player built in, in a little sideover case that gives it power from a single AAA battery while it's playing. No drivers needed. You plug it into your PC, the pendrive appears as a drive in "My Computer", and you just drag and drop MP3 files onto it.

Neat idea.

Too bad this implementation is a piece of shit.

It doesn't work with Linux. I dont know how. The Linux USB stack and USB storage driver are reasonably robust. Sticking this thing in generates a bunch of error messages in the log from the storage driver, then it crashes my builtin USB hub, and one time out of three, locks up the computer.

It works on a Windows box tho. I suspect hackery and poor implementation, with bug testing and QC beginning and ending with "it worked with the developers" windows box.

And it can't play about half my MP3 files. Well, they play, but the tempo lags and they are full of digital static. How the fuck does a company that makes MP3 players screw up playing MP3 streams?

The company website and the user manuals are pretty funny tho. The site has the taste and graphic design sense of a 15 year old's personal home page circa 1996, and the manuals are full of bizarre misspellings, odd caps, and strange sentences. Brings to mind the old stories about user manuals poorly translated from Japanese, except this time from Chinese.
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