January 18th, 2003


Marzipan Tea

Here's a little something I discovered a few weeks ago while staying at JudyG's.

Marzipan Tea.

No, really! Celestual Seasonings Almond Sunset herbal tea. A spoonful of sugar. A dollop of milk (skim, whole, half-n-half, or cream, depending). Stir. Enjoy.


"Are you on the board?"

About every third time I meet someone new at the Mercury, I get asked "Are you on the board?"

Well, because Omaha omahas has finally joined the LJ collective, I was reading her friends' journals, and found a link to SeaGoth.org, so I finally gave in and joined. The name there, like here, is "fallenpegasus".

Someone interested in studying social groupings on the `net should be facinated by the two directed graphs, "friends" and "friends of", that the LJ system is developing.
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