July 5th, 2002



Smudge, one of my cats is sick. Very sick.

Lymphoma in the stomach wall.

She had surgery last week to remove the worst of it, but they couldn't get it all without just removing her stomach entirely. So now she is recovering and getting her weight up, before the chemotherapy starts. She had stopped eating, and shed a lot of weight, turning into fur and bones almost. But she's eating now, which is good.

Everyone has something that they irrationally spend too much money on.

Vet bills for my cats is mine.

Guests and dreams

I have an out of town guest coming to visit in a few weeks.

I'm excited and nervous. JudyG is a former lover, and there is an element of feeling out what we are now. She's politically aligned very different from me, and yet I don't want to be a jerk about it. She's a vegetarian, and I'm an average-at-best cook and a worse grocery shopper.

And we're going camping, which is a very occational thing for me.

And I don't want her to feel like she's putting me out.

Last night the big dream was introducing her to all my friends and the places I hang out. Except all the people I knew and had her meet, on waking I know I have no idea who these people were, I've never seen them before. But inside the dream, I did. The same with the places.

Powerpuff Girls

I went and saw the Powerpuff Girls Movie when it opened on Wednesday.

I recommend it. Really.

Despite the very odd context, I think it's right up there as a "good superhero movie" next to Spiderman. Fun animation, good story telling, good storyboarding, good direction, good plot, good characters who develop naturally from their motivations.

And for people with a secret taste for "thrilling superpowered fight scenes", the "tag game" sequence has both the Superman II "fight in Metropolis" and anything on "Dragonball Z" beat all hollow.

I was easily by a factor of two the oldest ticket holder in the theater.

Movie Review. Lilo & Stitch. Recommended

Oh, and I recommend this movie too.

I don't know what blackmail material Chris Saunders, who concieved, wrote, directed, and voiced this movie about this "little monster", on the run from the United Galactic Federation, who finds ohana on the planet "Ee-yarth", has on the upper exectives at The Mouse, but it's gotta be good.

This movie may have been produced by Disney, but it's not a Disney movie.

Go see it.

It may even make you start liking Elvis.