May 26th, 2002


My impression of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

Busy workday Friday. Problem, it seems, in some of my library code. What makes debugging it fun is our slow test/install cycle (cranked up to daily now), and the fact that my C code is called by C++ code written by a guy in Palo Alto, and his code is called by Flash code written by a guy here, and his Flash code is invoked by another piece of Flash written by someone else, and that Flash app is controlled by a bit of C code that interfaces to the remote control receiver.

And nobody ever wrote any in-place test harnesses to invoke pieces without invoking the whote thing.

So I found a lot of bugs "above" me, just by deskchecking, and finally isolated a bug in mine, which I will squish on next Tuesday.

And then left a little early, and hooked up with my sister Jett in line at the Cinerama, where we then watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Pretty eye-candy FX and costumes, but the dialog just sucked. It really really Sucked. The dialog could suck a Rocky Mountain Oyster through a coffee stirrer, it was that bad.

And Lucas did manage to pull out a family relationship surprise on the level of Vader being Luke's father...

... that Boba Fett is the older brother of all the Imperial Stormtroopers.

And who else thought that Boba Fett quite properly felt that he had the coolest dad in the entire Galaxy?


Had the weirdest hard time waking up this morning. No less than twice I was dreaming that I thought I was awake, shocked myself to true wakefulness, and then fell back asleep. In the dreamstates I experenced a fairly large amount of subjective time, a couple of days, in about half an hour of realtime.

Anyway, after an errand, went to Folklife. Bought some stuff for me, a present for a friend. Then met up with my sister Jett, and later also with the Sternbergs.

Walked around alot, listened to a lot music. Some of it cool, some of it not so much. I really liked the African xylophones northeast of the fountain. Got a bit of sun, shed a bit of rain. Ate good food and sticky treats, like s'mores with homemade marshmellows.

I had invited JudyG to FolkLife, but she was unable to come. Next year I hope.
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