May 21st, 2002


Thoughts while laptoping from bed

I finished reading The Also People last night. If you like the Culture, and yet dont like nastyness or pretentiousness of Ian Banks' writing, this is the book for you. It's basically "Doctor Who visits The Culture". Well, they are called "The People", but it's the Culture with the serial numbers filed off, and, in the author's own words, "got off the back of a lorry, no questions asked".


Also very out of print. elfs bought it from an internet used book finder service, and lent it to me last Saturday after reading it himself.

Went to my piano lesson today. Been going weekly for 17 months now. It's slow going, but I will hammer sight-reading into my head eventually. Plus it's therapy in a way: much of what Mr Henry stresses for both techniques of practice, observations about what blocks improvement, and what makes music instead of grinding notes applies in more places then just at the ivories.

If I had the money and the free time, I'd spend an hour a day with a music tutor, an hour with a personal trainer, and an hour a day with a Tai Chi instructor. Why do I need those people to make me do what I want to do? Hmm. Maybe an hour a day with a therapist as well...

I know a bunch of people who I know are from Kirkland, and yet I never hang with them or meet them here. You guys know who you are. Come over and drag me out of my cave occationally.

Last week I asked JudyG, my close and loving friend from Boston, if she would like to come visit for Folklife next weekend. A wild and wistful hope, it didn't work out, but she would like to come out camping in Olympic next June. I hope...

Smudge was losing weight from refusing to eat KD vet catfood. Never try to out-stubborn a cat. They will starve themselves to make a point. Since it turned out that the KD wasn't needed, everyone is eating Feladea now, and are much happier about it.

I can feel my Kinsey rating pendulum back and forth. A few months ago I was probably a K5 in my head, and now I'm a K1. As if either make a difference, who wants to bed a sad-eyed wallflower geek anyway.
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