April 24th, 2002


So much happens, so little shared

Falling behind at work. Which isn't good, so close to code freeze.

Final final breakup with my ex-wife. Now it's all over except the paperwork. And probably, paying her some money every month for a few years. As if I owed her a cent.

Wrote a terrifyingly confessatory email to a friend, and havn't heard anything back. It was probably a bad idea, and I hope I havn't ruined a good thing.

Paperwork piling up on my desk. I need to go buy a new filing cabinet.

Getting to know some more fun people at the Merc, but still, "on the outside looking in".

I can't read my own damn journal

I hate this new microfont theme that LJ has, and my broken Navigator seems to not honor the CSS example that LJ gives for making the font larger. I really need to upgrade to RH7.2 so I can easily install Gamelon.

God damn it people, it's markup not layout. If the world needed PostScript, we knew where to find it. But this rant is over 5 years too late now, especially with the bastardizations that Microsoft and Netscape have inflicted on the world in the name of HTML.