November 24th, 2001


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Well, I've gone and signed up on LiveJournal. I'd heard about it in rasfw, and then a friend of mine keeps a revealing journal on it, and so I decided maybe to give it a try.

Still futzing with this thing, why I love the GPL

Since my text environment of choice is emacs, I downloaded the LiveJournal emacs client written by Edward O'Connor.

So let's see how this works.

It's got a few things I don't like. So far, specificially, how it handles the password. I don't like software that doesn't trust me to store passwords. My laptop is about as secure, both physically and networkwise, as a computer can be. It bugs me that I have to reenter the password every session, and that I can't Control-Y yank the password from the cut buffer into the password prompt in the minibuffer.

Well, that's what the GPL is for. I need to dig into this code, and fix it up a bit to work the way I want it to.

Random Musing

So, one may ask, why the hell am I up at 3 in the morning?

I have this nasty habit of fucking up my sleep schedule, especially when I don't have a work schedule. Because of the four day holiday weekend, that's exactly what I did. What's worse, since I now live so close to work, it gets even worse.

It's even sadder than being up so late or early. I'm at work. Not working tho. I'm just addicted to fast net access, and I don't have net yet at my new place. That's supposed to be installed on Monday. And, as can be expected, I already know that Verizon's fucked it up. (They have me down both for the ISP I want, and also for their own lame "Verizon Online" ISP).

Of course, I'm going to hate myself come Monday, especially since I'm part of a big demo that day.

I went out shopping with my sister and her roommate. I had seriously considered honoring "No Shopping Day" today, but, the interests of getting some needed stuff for my place, and getting out and being social, overrode it.

But, do add some balance to my political karma, much of what I bought were compact fluorescent light bulbs. I hadn't bothered to use them before, because I had electric heat, and having lots of the lightbulb energy go into heat wasn't a waste. I still have electric heat, but my new apt is so buttoned up, that keeping it warm isn't a problem, and paying the power bill is.

After all, I'm cheap. Or at least, I want to be. Especially when being not cheap doesn't benefit me. And there is no benefit at all to giving the local power monopoly more money than I have to.

My Apartment

This is really "my" first place. I picked it myself, and I live in it myself. Kind of sad really, thirty-something guy, in his first own place. Always before, the place I lived had been with my family, or else I had roommates, or else I was living with someone, and had let her pick the place.

But this place is mine.

At least for awhile. I'm thinking about thinking about buying a condo or something in a year or so, start making payments instead of paying rent, and be able to do more stuff to it. Paint the walls, that sort of thing. All I can do in an apartment is have my furniture, and hang art and stuff on the walls.

I used to think about building myself an A-frame home someplace remote. Like Alaska. But, I've discovered that, as not generally happy as I am, I'm even less happy as a hermit. I don't really want to have no neighbors, I just want a cave to retreat to. A cheap apartment with thin walls isn't much of a cave, but it's a start.

Oh, and I have my own bed again. I had shared a bed for so long, and it was really her bed, the first one because it was hers from before, and then later, because it got paid for with a windfall she got. It's gone now, is in her apartment.

I had been sleeping on a futon, but it was thin and hard and cheap, and besides, it was really kind of hers as well, since she bought it and painted it as a craft project once when I was out of town.

Even though it's my bed, I wouldn't mind having sometimes besides someone besides me and my cats in it as well.