Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Legs.

Lousy morning. I slept in, missed my regular breakfast, rushed to work, spent some time shoving 10lb of shit into 5lb bags, was late dosing myself with creatine, and rushed to the gym.

Gym was a decent respite from it all. Legs. Cybex machine reclined leg press. Seated calves cycled with High heavy stepup. Cybex machine leg curl cycled with ball curl. Machine leg extention cycled with unloaded lunges. Abductors cycled with Adductors (new weight record!). Standing calves.

I was burning pretty bad at the start, I could pretty much tell the moment that the creatine *finally* got to my small intestine and into my bloodstream, and the fire went out. But by the end, I was again pretty lightheaded and woozy. But I didn't actually get sick this time, and pushed each last set, doing 12 instead of 10s.

Now I'm back at work. Yuck. Hopefully to sneak out in a little bit, run home to shower, and then head down to NorWesCon for the weekend.

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