Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Back

It's been a while since I did back. I didn't do it last Friday because I was overworked and sleepshort. I didn't do it the week before because that's the week I was on "no heavy lifting" rest. And I didn't do it the Friday before that, because that was the day after my accident, so I was sans transport, and rather sore.

We got right to it. Pull Ups cycled with Dips. Machine Row. Low Back cycled with Upright Row. Hammer Pulls.

I started well, but started getting a bit woozy and faint. I made a run for the lavs, and was sick. Ugh. Yuck. This is first time I actually lifted myself sick. On the plus side, it passed quickly.

That was a good enough reason to quit early for the day. I got 80% of the chart done, and did my best.

Better next time.

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