Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


After pulling an allnight Thur/Fri, I finally left work at half past three. kespernorth and chemicallace's party was to be at 6pm. I laid down "for just a moment", and, of course, didn't wake up `till almost 7. To be expected. I grabbed the housewarming gift and food contribution, hooked up with jezel, and went.

He lives in a COOL building. Several people I like to see were there, such as artvixn.


What a gloriously nice day. I spent the morning alternating between doing chores with the door open and the fans running, and relaxing with the cats, with the door open and the fans running.

That evening I went into Seattle to hang out with intrepid_reason. Met some of her friends, munched some good grilled chicken, spend some time together, and then went out to the Merc. After bringing her back, I crashed at her place.


Again, what a glorious weathered day. I made my way home, and again alternated between chores and relaxing, with the door wide open. The cats love it when I flop on the couch, it's "their time" to take turns sitting on my chest.

I *tried* to get to bed early, to compensate for "DST lag", and because I had to be at the car place at 7am. But it didn't work, and I sat up scribbling technical ideas into one of my notebooks.


Groan, too early. I was #3 at the dealer shop when I got there just before 7am, but since my needed work was so small, I think I got bumped in the queue to get it out of the way. I was driving away at 8am, with my last two options (cab air filter, and armrest extension) installed.

Again, weatherwise, it's being a glorious day.

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