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The Day So Far



Met with Dr Travis at 3pm, for a post accident exam. He checked me over, said that I was indeed yes a bit asymetrical, but very mildly, he's seen much worse. No vertebrae are twisted. The asymetry, along with the aches and pains, will likely fade over the next week or so, but I'm to take it easy for that time.

He also looked at my sore throat, said I won the day's prize for scary redness, and ran a strep check, which came back as barely positive. (Remember when strep checks took a day? Remember when they took a *week*?) So he cut a scrip for "Zithromax", which is some newish not-insanely-expensive fast-acting easy-to-use antibiotic. Two pills today, and then one a day for only 4 days, all in a very convientient blisterpack. I suspect the strep was just oppurtiunistically piggybacking on the viral infection. I will keep using the Echin as well.

Cat Supplies

While driving to the Cat Clinic to pick up another flat of perscription K/D for the furry monsters, I was racking my brain, I *knew* there was another errand I needed to do as well. Half an hour of heated scalp later, it finally popped out. Advantage. So a stop at PAWS Greenwood, and pricy hit to my wallet later, I had a full treatment sequence set in hand for all the guys.

Dr M said that she's starting to see A resistant fleas. All the damn morons out there who are misusing the stuff, not using full sequences and full doses, in another decade it's going to be useless, and baring another breakthru, we're going to be back to bugbombs and fleadips.

Music Lesson

At Mr Henry, I got to listen to the student before me do sightread duets, and then after he left, I got to do the same thing. They are actually very pretty, and surprisingly sophisticated in sound. I'm getting marginally better at looking ahead, and somewhat better of playing SOMETHING when I get lost, instead of just freezing up. He also pushed my tempo and tachus on the "Menuet En Rondeau". Also slightly better.


Slept In

The doctor said that one symptom of auto accident soft tissue damage is messed up sleep schedules and lots of sleep. Maybe that's what's causing this. I went to bed kinda "on time" last night, woke up "on time" this morning, and once a again, rolled over and fell asleep again for a couple of extra hours.

Got Music

Had some CDs I bought for myself waiting on my desk at work. A compilation of cuts of "Kathy's Song" by Apoptygma Berzerk, which I had first heard as an, ahem, "shared" mp3 rip I got from my youngest brother pheonix_jade, and a compilation of cuts of "Put Your Arms Around Me" by Natural, which is a sappy romantic pop piece by a sappy romantic boyband, which I had heard while listening to the internet stream of KNHC.

I would have *never* bought these from hearing them on the radio, let alone walking into a record store and picking them out of the bins. Due to freely available digital "content", OTOH, money came out of my pocket and music is pouring into my ears.

The Car, more aftermath

I'm getting a little bit tired of playing telephone tag with the GEICO adjuster.

Sharing Magazines

Even with the spread of the web, I still get some print magazines and catalogs, such as The Week, IEEE Computer, Linux Journal, Dr Dobbs (which I'm going to let lapse), SysAdmin, Lee Valley, Lindsay's Books. I used to keep them for access to back articles. But now all the possible interesting back articles are archived on publications' websites. So I started throwing them away after reading. But then I hit on a better solution. Now, I drop them on the tables in the breakroom. They hang around for about a week, being eagerly read, browsed, and occasionally "stolen", and *then*, if they haven't walked off, I drop them in the garbage.

It seems more ecologically and social friendly, and the better informed my cow-orkers and fellow citizens are, the easier my job and my life is.

I read an article a few years ago about why Arab nation military forces are so fundamentally incompetent at modern warfighting. One of the things that struck me was that Western trainers and consultants would distribute operating manuals to the troops, and then their Arab officers would follow behind and confiscate them all. They had taken the fact that "Knowledge is Power", and perverted it into "Exclusive access to knowledge is more power FOR ME", even tho that reduced the total amount of power and wealth available to the entire group / org / nation / culture.

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