Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

So after getting home, and getting cleaned up and dressed up, I "laid down for just a minute". And fell right asleep, and was treated with a really weird dream that was part mystery, part SF technothriller, and part "airplane disaster movie from the passengers's point of view". Weird.

And upon wakening, I've got a sore throat developing. WTF did *that* come from?

This great new quit that my sister & mom made for my birthday, while pretty and soft and my cats and I are arguing over primary occupancy rights, is just utterly soaked in the heavy perfume of the laundry detergent my mom uses. I've gotten very very used to my preferred brand of perfume-free cleaning powder. So it will go into a tight bag, and at the earliest convience go into a cold/gentle front loader at the laundromat, to "de-scent" it.

The vet called. She's got most of the blood workups back, and everyone is doing fine. One possible (and very hard to diagnose) possible cause for Kidde's muscle wasting may be, roundworms. Apparently it's *very* common for pregnant queens that are indoor/outdoor to get them, and then pass them to the kits in her milk, and the kitts then cyst them up in their muscles for years and years, until they become geriatic cats, at which point the cysts open. So she will drop off a dewormer on Monday.

Worms and fleas. People will think I'm a bad cat owner.

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