Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The day so far

Back and neck are a bit stiff. I'll make an appt with my Dr for an exam, make sure that nothing got rotated, twisted, or bent. jezel said she could use the database at the place where she's working to find a chiropractor who's not a quackopractor.

Cancelled my gym appt for the day, in part because of transportation problems, in part because my gym clothes were jammed in the back of the Forester and got covered with safety glass, and in part because it was pointed out to me by elfs that it will not be Wise to do heavy lifts until I get check out.

Dr Monahan came for the scheduled 9am appt for the cats exams. Four geriatric cats with assorted problems, and the bill adds up really really quick. I was shamefully mortified to learn that Sha has *fleas*! Where did she get fleas! All my guys are indoor only. Once musta snuck it's way in, that's all it takes. Time to pick up some Advantage from PAWS. Hope it works, DrM said that she's starting to see resistant fleas. (Asshole people who don't follow the damn directions, are going to ruin this stuff exactly the same way they ruined penicillin).

Time to hoof it to work.

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