Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My car! My wonderful new car!

So, I was heading south down I405S, just passing thru Bellvue. Traffic was heavy but fast. And I see brake lights in front of me. So I slow down. And the guy in front of me is slowing more, hard, fast. And I noticed that he was starting to "jump", he was starting to skid a bit. "Oh, shit.", thinks I, and I jam my brakes solid, and come to a stop right behind him. "Whew," thinks I, and then glace up in my rearview.

BAM! whoom BAM! *screeee* BAM!

The "whoom" was my back window imploding and spraying pebbles of safety glass all over the interior. The "scree" was the big ass big tires tricked out big black truck that sideswiped me.

There were several more loud noises, as well, but I was most concerned with the ones reverbating thru the Subaru frame that was committing suicide in stages to save me. The whole thing took a surprisingly large amount of time, maybe over 30 seconds, and from the inside it looked a lot like a good movie SFX, except that no foley engineer has ever actually reproduced the sound of car colliding from the inside.

My car! My car! Wait, am I ok? Yes. My car! Wait, is anyone else hurt? Look around, other people getting out, everyone was ok. The cops were right there, I remember flashing past them about a quarter mile back.

I got out, and took some pictures, right before my digital camera died. Fortunately, I had an emergecy backup chemical film camera stashed in the car, just exactly for this sort of thing.

After the cops took my papers, and centralized the address swap and wrote up their report, I sat in my seat, and got GEICO on the phone. It took them FOREVER to generate up a claim number, and I had to be rather firm with the rep that I was not going to go thru the whole questionaire right then, all I wanted to to get the claim number, tell him the police number, and figure out where my car was to be towed.

jezel was nice enough to come pick me up from the tow lot, and in payment, I took her out to dinner.

This is going to be annoying to deal with for the next couple of days. And now I'm paranoid suspicions about every little ache and pain, I got jerked around good.

But nothing is broken, nothing is bleeding (but I'm still picking safety glass out of my hair), nobody and no bodies left in an ambulence, and the insurers are all jocking up.

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