Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

"Century City"

I have told people my own personal prediction about Vingian Singularity Theory, to wit:

"As the prediction barrier gets closer, the first people to see it have been the writers of hard SF. This will be followed, in turn, by honest futurists, long term corporate planners, and then finally, corporate executives, venture capitalists, the editors of newspapers and magazines, politicians, and then finally television producers."

I watched the pilot of "Century City" last night, and the end point of my own personal prediction is coming to pass. The show is set in 2030. It was originally going to be set in 2055, but the producers realized that if they were going to even try to be predictive, they would have no freaking idea what things would be like.

As it is, it's a valient attempt, even tho for the most part it seems to be taking the issues that "people in the know" are debating on blogs and in front of research ethics boards, and moving it to legal courtrooms; and moving things from "what will the rest of us do when somebody..." out of the hypothetical to the (fictional) concrete.

It's a lightweight of a show, sort of a superupdated "L. A. Law", but I will keep watching it, at least for the time being.

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