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Gym. Chest, Biceps, Abs

Today was the start of the second cycle of "heavy weights, fewer reps". The last time I did this for chest (which was the first time in this new regime) I had to go very slow, and we ran out of time.

This time, I was hulking out just a little bit. The weights were still heavy, but my muscles and my mind aligned a little bit better. I made the weights move, and it felt really good. We finished with time to spare, and actually added a few extras to the chart.

I've got long bones, long limbs, and smaller joints, so I had always thought that the "lighter weights lots of reps" was where I was consigned to be. But it's looking like maybe not. This is a lot more fun!

Replaced the regular Plank with a "Ball Plank", in that instead of having my toes and forearms on the mat, instead I held my feet together with the tops of my feet balanced on a large inflatable ball. So I had to work hard not to roll to the side, and I was more in a "heads down" position.

And something completely new to me, "Medicine Ball Vertical Chest Throw". Me flat on my back, with a 10lb rubber medicine ball clutched to my chest. I do a basketball chest pass, straight up, as hard as I can, and then Steve catches it and hands it back to me. This is an "explosive power" exercise, instead of just a static strength or an endurance exercise.

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