Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Waiting for the Red Bull to kick in

So again, too much of the weekend was spent catching up on the sleep shortage. And I'm going to be starting this with short as well. It's 10pm now, and I will probably be here at work still at 8am when my coworkers arrive.

On the plus side, my apartment is nice and clean. The rugs, throws, and covers all got stuffed into a pair of high capacity washers and dryers, the shelves and baseboards got dusted, the carpet got triple covered with the vacuum (it's kinda disturbing to see how much gunk piles up in the capture tank even on the 3rd pass), all the spots of catbarf got soaked, scrubbed, and vacuumed out with hydrogen peroxide.

A little bit more work got done to amsu. It can now automatically back itself up to an encrypted storage blob at work. I also started learning how to use gthumb, and used it to consolidate, catalog, and dejunk my collection of pix. (There are some really annoying little navigation bugs in gthumb, but it is the FASTEST bulk JPEG viewer I've ever seen.) I did a little bit of research on hibernation on the T23, and it looks like I'm going to have to learn how to use Partition Magic to shuffle around and resize some partitions, and then either see if I can use tphdisk, or if I have to make a DOS bootfloppy with IBM's phdisk. Either way, even with a full backup, I really don't want to hork this machine.

When working thru my bills, I've noticed that my ISP has started charging for ALL the bandwidth used, they used to "give" me 4GB and then charged more for more, but now it's baselined at zero. Bogus. Time to look into switching over to either Comcast's DOCSIS, or staying with Verizon DSL and switching the ISP over to either Drizzle or Speakeasy. Someone else in my apt building has an open AP running, I'm thinking of finding out who it is, and propose that we set up an informal "co-op" of sorts.

I went to a party/gathering Saturday night (similar to the one you elected not to go to, elfs, indecisive right up to going whether I should or not. In retrospect, "not" would have been the more satisfying thing to have done. Or have gone to the Merc instead, too see kespernorth and julzerator.

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