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My Day. No gym, no joy, no success, a total waste of a week.

(I've been whining a lot the last few days. This is more of the same.)

So I couldn't go to sleep last night. All that work the week before to turn into a morning person, and lo, I'm again a night person. (And yes, wyckhurst, I've been trying melatonin.)

Knowing that I was going to be sleepshort, and that I was going over to Our Partners at 9am with several coworkers, I set my alarm to wake me at 8am. Usually I just rely on my natural wakeup rhythm, which is usually pretty good, so long as I'm not too short. Hearing it go off, was... unpleasant, and I had several minutes of very very odd "non-sensory" "hallucinations" as my brain put itself together and booted up to the "wake state" run level.

Just as I got to work, the group I was going to go with was already in the parking lot about to leave. It turns out that I wasn't to go after all. This I learn, after I've peeled out of bed, and after I've canceled gym today. Grumble.

After over six hours beating on the task du jour, a round of emails about it circulated, and it turns out I've spent the past week.... WORKING ON THE WRONG THING!!! A really lousy (but understandable in retrospect) communications disconnect happened.

Mark look dumb. And this is Bad, it's just a few weeks to annual reviews.

I'm going to go home and take a bath.

And then maybe I'll go out and soak. No wait, I can't, no singles after 6pm.

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