Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

So the current task du jour at work. I had told Will on Wednesday afternoon, "I hope to have something to show you tomorrow morning." This morning I told him, "It's building. When it's done, it will either work great. Or nothing will happen". Easy guess as to which it was. I really hate tasks where I supposed to glue a system I don't understand to another system I don't understand, and then test it with a testtool I don't understand, but still had to build myself, out of calls to a another library I don't understand. And the worst thing always is, I always feel if I was just smarter and more focused, I would have been able to pull it off.

The most success I had all day was figuring out how to use psmandup to duplex something out of one of the HPCLJ4500N color printers (which doesnt have a hardware duplexor, unlike all our black&white HPLJ8150DN). Whee. (PostScript, I understand...)

Tomorrow, instead of fixing it, I am wanted to go tomorrow morning across the water, to help with the decaying build machines. We tell them that the system was never designed to be built "disconnected", but... "legal reasons". Sigh. I'm probably going to have to cancel Friday noon gym to do this.

The latest issue of Skydiving Magazine showed up in the mail. It's been months and months and months since I've jumped! I was going to go vertical tunnel training for my birthday, but had to buy amsu instead. I need money, and I need time, more than I have at the moment.

jezel came over for our occational ReplayTV night. She wanted to watch some bits of Monk that she had missed the night before (she had called me and asked that I record it), and we also watched some Clean Sweep and some Mythbusters. I dozed off while they were searching for Jimmy Hoffa's body in Giants Stadium with a ground radar unit.

My parents called to wish me Happy Birthday. Apparently my mom wurtman sent me an Amazon gift certificate, which probably is stuck inside the spamtraps. At least, I hope that's where it's at.

Kiddi was extremely interested in the pizza box. After giving up on trying to get into it, she crouched down on it, crushing the pizza inside and soaking up the heat. When we tried to shoo her off to get some slices out, she somehow figured out how to hook a claw into it, and flip it over. Great. Well, the rug had a date with a large format washer soon anyway.

All the DIY shows I've been watching have been giving me visions of putting up some shelves and art stands, and building some sort of desk/file/shelving/storage unit where my desk is right now. One of the things stopping me is I will always be comparing whatever I do with the carpentry/cabinetry/remodelling feats my father performed over the years. (The other thing stopping me is at present, my toolset consists mainly of a hammer, a couple of wrenches, and a spiritlevel.) And that I have a jillion other projects to get done first.

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