Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 125. Legs.

So begins the next day of the new "more weight less rep" regime. Legs are big muscles, lots of load, lots of weight, already. So I was careful to be ready, a heaping spoon of creatine monohyrdate in a glass of honeywater right at the stroke of 11am, and a good breakfast earlier (peppered turkey cuts and raw greens).

It was, indeed, *heavy*. We went up over 20% down the chart. I had to spend a fair amount of rest time between sets, and I made Absolutely Sure my alignment and posture and foot placement was completely correct at the start of each. I did surprisingly well. No failures. (Which means even more weight next time.)

Leg press. Hack squat. Leg Extension cycled with Lunge. Leg Curl. Standing Calves. (I went up to 385lb on that.) Hip Abductors (jump from 105 to 125) cycled with Hip Adductors (100 to 125). Three set of ten reps, on each.

So I can't go up 10% ever week, like I was doing the first two months I after I started doing this, a year ago. If I can step up 20% every year, *every* year, I live with that. Right... (Realistically, I will probably top out at another 20% above where I am at, until something like this becomes generally available.)

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