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O'Dark Thirty

I know I'm going to be nodding off in the coming late afternoon / early evening. I need to sleep NOW. Why can't I?

Well, at least I've gotten caught up on the queued up recordings of Clean Sweep, Queer Eye, Mythbusters, and Teen Titans. (Deleting already-seen's, autocutting commericals, and using FF to zip thru boring bits, one can watch teevee *fast*.)

When Birki falls asleep in my lap, or next to my ear, and doesn't move for a long period of time, it scares me. One of these days, she's going to do that, and then she will never move again. :( (But she doesn't appreciate me occationally touching an ear or a paw, to make sure this isn't that time.)

Judy called me up the night before last to wish me happy birthday. We talked and chatted a bit, and we both got all the wrong sorts of energy. Echos of which I still have.

The place reeks of bleach. Sasha has taken to leaving "presents" in the bathtub, and I insist on sanitizing the tub when cleaning it up, given that I stand in it in bare feet and hot water every morning. Maybe I should start using Simple Green or something instead.

I finally got the wireless networking between amsu and my home access point running. I'm starting to noodle around this idea of rewriting Fedora's networking startup so that it can "autodetect", based on probing and listening, which local network environment it's in, be it one of the WEP or LEAP realms I have credentuals for, open access wireless, and also which and what sort of wired network it's in at the moment. (The next neat step would be to then use that to tweak things like the printer setup, so my selected printers work no matter where I am on the internet.)

I *should* go do early morning gym. I just... can't.

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