Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

How my birthday went

So Friday morning, while getting the assorted work tasks underway, I was chatting with omahas, and she invited me down to their place for a dinner out. A most welcome invitation.

It being a Friday, there was: Gym. Session 123 of 124. Back, Shoulders, Triceps. Cable Pulldown. Dumbbell Rows. Low Back Raise cycled with Upright Row. Hammer Frame Shoulder Press (which looks damn good in the mirror, every muscle from my shoulder curves to my wrists pops out). Cable Tricep Pulldown. Dip.

I received a package I had ordered from Vernon Library Supplies: a box of a thousand archival "will not turn yellow" "the glue will not corrode the paper" "the glue will not turn to powder and fall off" pressure adhesive labels. I'm going get a personal Ex Libris imprint (probably in raw postscript) and put one in each of my books. (I wonder where I can find a color inkjet printer loaded with archival ink?)

Due to Omaha's invitation, I actually left work before sunset. Of course, it helps that the daylight hours are getting noticeably longer. (Even with missing a day on Tuesday, I still ended up with (just) over 40 hours in my weekly logbook.)

Kouryou-chan got a great deal of glee singing "Happy Birthday To You" to me. A few minutes later, elfs got home, with Yamarashi-chan in tow, and so I got a chorus of it again. :)

We decided that a good place to go out would be Claim Jumper. Large Quantities Of Meat were eaten. There are few things that make one feel more like a carnivore than eating ribs. And my hosts refrained from informing the waitstaff that it was my birthday, sparing me of being the spectacle of being circled about by restaurant staff chanting out some variant birthday tune.

After dinner the girls were so worn out that they were discovered to have crawled into their beds and crashed, entirely on their own, completely skipping their nightly ablution and story rituals. Very soon after, the Big People turned in as well.

The following morning (today), my first personal errand was to go to the gym and purchase two blocks of ten sessions each. So now my gym entries will be titled "Gym. Session x of 144" instead of "of 124".

I had Omaha in tow, so as to give her a ride to CapHill to meet with one of her partners in MacRadio (Begin pitch. If you have a Mac, you should listen to their shows. End pitch.). I keep teasing/threatening to take her to my home, just to prove I don't live out of my Forester and my cubicle, and had her 95% of the way there this time, but not quite. Some other time.

It's just as well, it's been a couple of weeks since I've vacuumed, and the carpets were turning grey again. I swear, every time I vacuum and mop, I could make another cat out of what I pour out of the tank.

My phone bleeped at me, it had received a message from my dad, who called to wish me a happy birthday. I'm looking forward to going fishing with him and my brothers in Alaska in a few months.

My next appointment was for 3pm, a makeup piano lesson. I went home, washed up, fed and watered the cats, and then made the mistake of laying down "for a few minutes". I opened my eyes again at quarter to. Crud. I rushed out onto the roads, giving Mr. Henry a call to tell him I was going to be 15m late. And so, of course, the 520 bridge was slow. I was half an hour late. And thus had a short lesson. (He had another appointment.)

Still, it was a good lesson. After a couple of E major scale warmups, I worked my way thru the piece better than I had expected, and then learned about baroque style terrace dynamics, which are going to be a challenge to learn to play. (The Baroque masters did not do crescendos and diminuendos, mainly because the keyboard instruments available could not do them well, so instead each sequence is played with the same dynamic (loudness/softness), which is then changed as a stepfunction for the next sequence.)

Then I came up to CapHill to Vivace to enjoy some rosetta'ed white velvet and wireless internet. This is the last place I used khem before it was stolen. I'm going to keep better track of amsu.

I've got some stuff really stacking up in my personal todo.

My dentist called a few weeks ago to make an appointment, which I deferred a bit. I need to call them back, and get a recommendation for one more local to me. As neat as Dr Anna is, the main reason I picked her practice was that she was so close to where I lived in Ballard, and now it's a major PITA to get over there.

I also got a reminder from Dr Monahan, it's time for Kidde's checkup. (For all you Seattle cat owners, I cannot recommend her enough, instead of boxing up your cat and subjecting it to being hauled to a vet's office, with all the attendant stress and travel, she and her vet-tech actually come to you, and they can do everything short of surgery and x-rays right in your living room, and she doesn't cost any more than a "normal" vet.)

Tax time is coming up fast, and I've got a lot of stuff to do in that regard. My taxes last year are still snarled, my registers are out of balance, I still have a balance in my 2003 MSA I need to get before it ages out. Plus, my quarterly March payment to TioRico is in 9 days, and I had better make damnsure that that check will clear.

I'm starting to notice some soreness in my thumbs and big toes. I hope that it's either psychosomatic, or just strain from heavy dumbbells and going up on my toes in the calve raises. Because the alternatives are bad. I read that one of the complications from a high protein weightloss diet (I'm on an loose "caveman" diet, heavy on lowfat meat with lots and lots of greens.) is gout. Yes, gout. I will start drinking even more water, and start doing red cherry and red grape juice, I read that that works well for that. If I can find a source of the stuff with the sugar taken out, that would be ideal.

I want to go soak at Tubs again. But like so many pleasures, it's kind of tawdry to enjoy alone.

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