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Skipping work, Sleep catchup, Exercise.

I didn't go to work yesterday, messaging in sick instead, and took the opportunity to "change phase" the "easy way". It's interesting, not to be in the slightest bit sleepy. Certainly it's been far too long since I felt not feeling it.

Part of changing phase is that now, for the time being, I am a "morning person". And so, after a 3+ month break, I started today going to the gym to do my hour on the EC machine. 3.24 miles, 798 calories, and 3 litres of water. If I can keep it up, that's 2 lb of fat per week.

Multimedia Laptop

I got audio and video working on my laptop. What with a higher quality D/A converter than I've had routine access to before, and my nice antinoise headphones, I am discovering beauty and layers of music in my existing library that I had never been able to hear or appreciate before.

New Classic Trek!

While playing with BitTorrent, I discovered that someone is, as a labor of love, producing the never-made seasons 4 and 5 of classic Star Trek. It's actually really good! The props, foley, writing, and acting are all at least as good and often better than most of the classic episodes. The visual FX are, of course, even better than the classic show. It takes just a few minutes to get used to different actors playing the classic characters, and then it's just Kirk, Spock, and the rest. Here are the torrents, if you have BitTorrent installed: trailer teaser act1 act2 act3 act4. Grab them while there are still seeds and trackers running.

Chess. London vs Broadway

I just snarfed down the Original London Cast recording of "Chess", as I have listened to and enjoyed the Original Broadway Cast recording for ten plus years. I've heard lots of people snoot that the London version is better. I don't think so, at least musically. The Broadway version is better arranged, tighter, better performed (both by the singers and by the orchestra), and have more emotional punch. FerEx, you can hear Florence's bitterness and anger in the Broadway version of "Nobody's Side", but not in the London version. Rather, I can hear it at the beginng, when she's fighting with Freddy, but once the main musical number begins, she's all quiet and introspective instead.

The London version is more delicately instrumented tho, which works well in recording but disappears in the theater (I also snarfed a live performance recording.) Add in that Freddy and Florence, who are defined as being Americans, are painfully obviously being performed by Brits trying to fake an American accent (and failing)...

(Don't give me shit about Florence being Hungarian. If you come to the US when you're only a few years old, and then are raised to adulthood by Americans in America, you are culturally American.)

Thumbs down on "The L Word".

I have to agree with you elfs. "The L Word" is almost utterly devoid of chemistry. Pity, that.

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