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Mark Atwood
Five Things
1. As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine? Why?

I always liked Captain Marvel, mostly from the live action Saturday morning show.

Later on, I wanted to be either (Marvel Mutants) Douglas Ramsey or Jamie Maddrox.

I always lusted for Raine Sinclair "Wolvesbane". Didn't everyone?

2. What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got?

I really don't have an answer to this.

3. What's the furthest from home you've been?

Fairbanks. But that was "home" at the time. Maybe Boston, while "home" was Seattle.

4. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn but haven't yet?

To be able to draw, or to speak another language, or do a practical martial art.

5. What are your plans for the weekend?

Do my taxes
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daikitsune From: daikitsune Date: February 1st, 2003 05:31 am (UTC) (Link)
1. Er...Well, I never really got into the superhero/heroine thing. My favorite hero was always Robin Hood, from the Disney animation. He was my idol for a long time, all crafty and lithe and energetic. And with a strong sense of justice...Gotta love that. :)

2. I dunno...A katana? I was a strange youth.

3. Gotta be a tossup...Tokyo or Athens. Not sure which is further.

4. Cunnilingus.

5. Work out. And get some rest. ;)
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