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The days are just packed


Due to being working and up so late Monday night, I made Tuesday a short day at work. Something I really do have to do every now and then, to avoid going mad. (Cue eyelid twitch here).

Like every Tuesday, I headed into Seattle at 3pm. First stop was Seattle Pen, to get converters for my new (replacing the stolen) Parker Frontiers. Then down to Kinokuniya Uwajimaya to get a gridded notebook (I had been very impressed with the one that elfs had gotten there). I did find them, I think, but they were slightly more spendy than I wanted to pay. Next, to the UDistrict. Laundry quarters were obtained from the WaMu there, then latest copies of Lucifer, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Genus from Zanadu Comics, and then to the UW Bookstore, where I bought out their stock of old-style Blueline A8Qs (along with a new clipboard, ruler, and some Clairfontaine softbound composition books). The seasonal booksale yielded up copies of Backyard Ballistics (exactly what the title says), How to Break Out of Prison (a self-psych book), and, way cool, Schott's Original Miscellany, a tight little collection of high-class triva.

The music lesson was all duet-style sightreading. I kept making and repeating some stupid counting mistakes. Yrg! It's not fair that the curse of a student is to always be playing at the worst he can play, instead of the best he can hear...

I was kinda planning on going right back to work, but didn't have the heart for it, so I went home instead, hoping to go to bed early, but didn't do that either... Foolish self.

Wednesday, so far

"Lando's Worry" ("...or this'll be the shortest offensive of all time.") is seeming less funny wrt to the project du jour, in that mount crashes when I try to mount a loopback filesystem. It may have to do with the fact that while loop.o gets compiled by our system, it doesn't get installed, and I can't just force it onto the secured partition. I really don't want to start reverse engineering our kernel build scripts, and I really don't want to figure out how we've hacked mount (we've changed it to not use /etc/fstab, but instead use the metadata in our own magical partition table.

amsu gets a little bit "smarter" every day, as I tweak the configuration. The oops of the day is the discovery that I don't have backups of my wireless network configuration scripts, which means, among other things, that I've lost the WEP keys for home and the LEAP keys for work. Crud.

However, ljupdate.el worked without a problem, and so did downloading the accumulated pictures dating back to xmas from my camera. Faster too, my camera must be USB2.

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