Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Birki and amsu in my la

I am making this post, flopped back on my couch, with the newly born amsu in my lap. I still need to tweak some fonts and colors in emacs, get lj-update going, get the wireless ethernet configured, get hardware hibernation configured, figure out why suspend wont unsuspend, and install and configure ALSA (which apparently was not part of Fedora Core 1, despite the installer testing for (and failing the test for) sound hardware).

However, gnus (usenet and email) works, as does Mozilla, which is NOTICEABLY faster than the versions I've been using before.

Something I'm thinking may be cool would be to rig some sort of A/V cables and adapter to the audio and video output cables, so I can sit about right here and run the sound and light to my TV.

jezel crashed at my apt for a few hours after work, to catch up on her Duckman episodes on my ReplayTV, and then we vegged to The Green Loontern and Mythbusters. Halfway thru Loontern, I was listening to Sinestro's ranting, and suddenly it hit me, the voice was John de Lancie! Cool.

She's enjoying her temp job as a phone receptionist, and she's hopeful that she picks up a fulltime position there as some sort of backoffice forms pusher, which will enable her to get her head above water (and incidentally, start paying me back the dough I've floated her).

Speaking of dough, dessert was cookie dough. And I overdid it a bit. Ugg. A small spot of bulimia is strangely tempting. But no, if I start that, it may be too hard to stop.

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