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Mark Atwood
Five questions, from zzbottom
1. What do you miss most about living in Boston and would you ever consider moving back?

That's two questions!

I miss my friends there.

It would have to be one hell of a good job offer.

2. If you ever lost your ability to do anything with computers whatsoever (think cancer of your computer gene), what would you do for a living?

I don't know. Hmm.. Maybe either generic white collar office work, just to pay bills. Or perhaps go learn some skilled trade, and do that. The problem is, that white collar work and tradework now are both heavily computerized.

I would be f**ked, and I'm not likely to be able to make that pay either.

3. What causes you the most anxiety in your day-to-day life?

"Am I good enough at what I do? Am I burning out? Why can't I stick to my tasks? I hate being lonely. I wish my cats were not sick. I wish my friends were not sick. I wish I had more money." Repeat constantly.

4. Have you ever done anything that you're ashamed of? (details or not at your discretion)

Too often.

I'm ashamed and embarrased when I do or say something thoughtless, or that comes out thoughtless, which I do too often.

5. Would you ever be interested in marrying again?

I do not know. I'm not interested right now. I will surely change in many ways as time passes.
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