Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Sunday night, Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Monday evening.

I got to work at about 7pm Sunday night, and with only a few short intervals, to get food, and to water the cats, I stayed at work for twenty-four hours. Three cans of sugar-free Red-Bull and a fair amount of raw chewy protein made is possible.

But I/we did solve The Problem, to the satisfaction of the guy from Our Employer. (Of course, there was the annoyance the next day when the emails coming from 505 Union Station it seems he didn't tell anyone else there what the solution was.)

After getting home, I just stripped, flopped, and slept like the dead for twelve hours.


Was a relatively less nightmare of a day, but again went late, this stomping on my weekly piano lesson. Sigh.

When I got home, My books from Lindsay's were waiting for me. Yay!. But I had to put them aside, first to process thru 4 days of mail and paying bills, and then I started on some cleaning and washing, there will be a "property inspection" on Thursday. Maybe they will fix my blinds.

We ran out of cat food (I normally pick it up every three weeks at the Cat Clinic when I'm in town on Tuesdays), and it completely slipped my mind until after All The Best down the street had closed. The guys were pissed at me.


From cleaning into the night, and still traces of sleep dep, I didn't wake until 10:30am. Which was ok, All The Best was now open. Deep Seafood for Birki & Kidde, and venison blend for Sha.

I can feel a cold trying to come on. Probably from a combination of not enough sleep, and being exposed to Kouryou-chan's cold. So right now I'm sucking down Tangerine juice and Echineacea.

I went to work for a very short period (I made it be a good time to swap out my old ruined surge suppressor for a new one), and then off to gym...

Gym. Session 118 of 124. Shoulders and Back.

I had accidentally dumped too much creatine and sugar into my "one hour before gym" cocktail. And it worked great, I will do that again. Sometimes "more is better" does seem to work. No pain, until the very last item on the sheet.

I was really strong today, felt good. Until... Until about 40 minutes in, I started getting really light headed, and nauseous, and I could feel my (late eaten) breakfast as a cold lump. I would wait for it to pass, and then throw myself back at it harder. Steve (my trainer)was getting a little bit nervous and amazed, and actually brought over a wastebasket, just in case. But. I. Would. Not. Quit.

Pull ups. Dips. Seated cable row. Tricep cable pulldown. Low back (with a 25lb plate). Upright row. Seated shoulder press. Lat raise. I finished the sheet, full sets, full reps, full weights.

And then went back home for just a short bit. And layed down for a minute, and instantly feel asleep, for a half hour nap. But not a dreamless sleep. In fact, I had to "wake up" three times, breaking "out a level" each time, until I was actually back into the real world (and I was suspicious and did a few reality tests before I fully believed it).

Birki had curled up and gone to sleep on my chest, which I loved. She doesn't do that very often.

And then back to work. I don't feel guilty at all basically taking the first half of the day off, because according to my personal timelog, I was already up to 37 hours went I left last night.

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