Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

So they went back to 505 Union Station happy, with a working dev/build box, and two reprogrammed and working units. But I know that it's not over, in a few days there is going to be a need for half a dozen of us to go fix their local installation. And then the next disaster / dropped ball will be getting some sort of cross-net connectivity to our data servers without having SSL keys installed in their boxes...

I'm in this weird place where I can tell that lying down would be a waste of time, the redbull will not let me sleep, and yet my brain wont stay awake, which means that it's like wading thru sludged to get the focus necessary to transcribe and organize my notes of what I did.

I missed gym today. I don't know about piano tomorrow. FarScape night tonight is iffy.

And yet, suddenly, to use a turn of phrase coined by jatg, I'm full of "all sorts of the kind of energy I don't need right now".

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