Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Idle Chatter

I managed to unwisely roll my schedule around this weekend. And now I'm sitting here, at middle o'dark in the morning, sucking down my 2nd redbull, working on this damn Task That Will Not Die. Fifteen years of accumulation of l33t UNIX sk177z, now all focusing on hacking out a build process I barely understand that was never meant to run anywhere other than in it's own birthplace, and dropping it on a stock RH7.3 box that will then be plugged into a network who's configuration I don't know, and it's supposed to correctly build and run a wad of software that really doesn't run all that correctly (as it is still under not-all-that-well-controlled development) in it's own birth environment.

I've had someone who I barely remember meeting confess to having a crush on me. This is... something I am not used to.

The new haircut looks good. It's fun to be a bit vain, especially low maintenance vanity.

I'm wearing a set of full ear noise cancellation headphones. They are hurting my ears, but it's too quiet around here otherwise. Or not quiet enough (too much fan and duct noise, and transformer whine). I remember my dad mentioning he had modified his antinoise headphones to stop them from hurting his ears (they crush the upper edge against the hooks of my glasses into the side of my head), I should find out just what his modification was.

I finally won a bid for a IBM TP T23 on eBay, and for about hundred bucks less than ones I've lost out on over the past week. I've asked the seller (who seems to specialize in laptop parts) how much some things like upgrading the memory and HD would be. The incremental cost of throwing in another 256MB RAM and an additional 20GB HD space doesn't seem all that great.

As for a name, I am thinking either amsu or nubi, which seem to be thematically appropriate as a replacement for khem. I'm especially leaning towards "Amsu", since it's linked with the concept of "Pan".

My favorite teevee shows, QEftSG, Duck Dodgers, Samurai Jack, Justice League, and Teen Titans, are all in endless reruns (not wholly true, there is a new Teen Titans sitting in my PVR, and apparently there is a new QEftSG on this coming Tuesday). But I've found another fun little show I like, TLC's Clean Sweep, where a slightly less queer team of people sweep into two rooms owned by some lucky couple, completely empty them, run the couple thru intensive "keep/toss/sale" anti-stuff therapy, and then repaint and reload the two rooms. It's pretty impressive, and is starting to inspire me towards looking at some of my own clutter corners.

I need to clean my apartment up anyway, there is going to be an annual "building and apartment inspection" this coming Thursday. Maybe I can get them to replace the ruined and provides-to-privacy blinds covering the sliding glass doors.

Back to the grind...

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