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The Five Questions meme, with questions from simonb

1. How do you feel about your body now that you've been working out at the gym for a while? My mental image of myself is still a weird amalgam of "spindly and weak" and "fatgut and weak". It's still always a bit of a surprise when I catch myself in the mirror at just the right angle, or right after working out (so that the muscles are pumped and swollen) and actually see the results of this painful labor. I've also gotten excessively aware of just where my body is still caching a layer of fat (wrapped around my lower back). So sometimes I feel better about it, and sometimes I don't. (It doesn't help that when I do get complemented about it, there is part of me that just says "you are just being nice/polite/supportive".) So, it's mixed.

2. What is your favorite kink? I'll answer this in a filtered post.

3. What is your favorite TV SciFi series (running or otherwise?) I'm not so good at "favorite". So I'll just list a couple. I have my PVR record "Teen Titans" and "Justice League" (I count "superhero" as a variant of SF). "7 Days" is fun mind candy. I used to be a Trek fan, but I lost interest halfway thru DS9, one season into "Voyager", and 4 episodes into "Enterprise", and after a bit of sitting and pondering on the implied backstory morality/sociology of Trek, I really dont like it at all anymore. I would like to get into B5, but I just need the time to borrow the DVDs and watch it thru. I really liked "Firefly", but FOX destroyed it.

4. What is your preferred computer hardware/OSen and why? For actual use, I prefer high quality commodity peecee running Linux. I know the RedHat distro the best. For pure idealism, I like to imagine a high quality multiprocessor PowerPC system running some idealized combination of Plan9/Hurd/EROS.

5. What are your food allergies? I have a weird reaction to peanuts. Not a classic peanut allergy, instead it's psychoactive. If I have a couple of peanut butter sandwiches, I'll spend the next half day being withdrawn, prickly, irritable, sad, depressed, angry, jumpy, and horny, all at once. It's not pleasant, and it's probably not pleasant to the people around me.

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